Aurora Galore

The amazing Aurora Galore wowed our crowds in 2016.
Stay tuned as we announce even more entertainment for our 2017 show.  

Aurora Galore is currently the #1 Burlesque Performer in the UK and #15 Top Burlesque Performer in the World! Described as a ‘petite powerhouse’, she has a contemporary aesthetic, a modern soundtrack and energetic acts that pack real power and pizzazz.

Thanks to Dan Zeplin Media, Phragments Photography and Tigz Rice Studios for supplying images of Aurora.

  • Voted #1 Top Burlesque Performer UK, 2015 - 21st Century Burlesque
  • Voted #15 Top Burlesque Performer in the World, 2015 - 21st Century Burlesque
  • Winner 'Most Innovative' Burlesque Performer, BHOF, 2014
  • Stockholm Burlesque Festival 'Tassel Twirling Champion' 2013
  • Miss Paris Burlesque Festival, 2012