Skin Deep Contest

2017 Categories

Fiercely contested, forever popular and the high point of any tattoo convention, The Tattoo Contests will be returning once more to The Great British Tattoo Show. 

The weekend offers artists and clients the chance to enter, giving our estemmed panel of judges the incredibly hard task of choosing a winner.

Gunning for one of our coveted awards? Make sure you've got your timings down and don't miss out - judging takes place on the main stage.  

Only work tattooed at The Great British Tattoo Show 2017* is eligible for entry.

Saturday 27th May

C&P Medical Best Oriental

Colour or mono, excellent depiction of oriental, including but not limited to traditional koi and Japanese Oni masks.
*Oriental bodysuits entered into this category will be the only tattoos judged that have not been worked on at the show.

F1030 Best Traditional

Colour or mono, defined by the presence of a long-established, traditional tattoo. Includes but is not limited to traditional depictions of the nautical, gypsy, roses etc.

Pulse Light Clinic Best Blackwork

Strong presence of black ink, line work, geometric, symmetry.

Best Colour

A strong presence of coloour, water colour, viid tones with impact.

Best of Saturday

Only winners of the Saturday categories willbe judged for Best of Saturday.

Sunday 28th May

Best Neo Traditional

Colour or mono, bold lines, revival of traditional tattoo style.

Best Avant Garde

Colour or mono, abstract, distorted reality, brushwork, expressionist, line work, geometric and experimental.

Best Black & Grey

May be a wide variety of subject but must exclusively be black and grey.

Big Dogs Tattoo Furniture Best Realism

Colour or mono, portraits, wildlife, hyper realistic detail.

Best of Sunday

Only winners of the Sunday categories will be judged for Best of Saturday. .

Best of Convention

Self explanatory - your tattoo is the victor of all and may take it's rightful throne in the Great British Tattoo Show's Hall of Fame.


If you are interested in sponsoring these awards, please call Sarah Shawcross on 01244 886029 or email today.

Rules & Guidelines

  • All tattoos can ONLY be entered into ONE category.
  • Only work tattooed at The Great British Tattoo Show can be entered in to the awards (the exception being full bodysuits entered in to the Best Oriental category).
  • Only winners of the Saturday categories will be judged for Best of Saturday.
  • Only winners of the Sunday categories will be judged for Best of Sunday. 
  • The winners from both Best of Saturday and Best of Sunday will be entered into the Best of Convention category on Sunday.
  • No tattoo studio/artists T-shirts to be worn in front of the judges.
  • Judges will not be made aware of any artist’s studio or identity.
  • Judging will take place on stage in the Arena on the ground floor.
Oriental - Winner
Eddy at Eddy Tattoo
Oriental - Runner-up
Nicky at Nicky Tattoos
Traditional - Winner
Virgulovic at Tit For Tat
Traditional - Runner-up
Maya Vavoom at Atomic Ink
Blackwork - Winner
Charlie at Stung by Steel
Blackwork - Runner-up
Mim Hennessy at Just Add Ink
Colour - Winner
Billy Richards at Tattoo Art
Colour - Runner-up
Ali Burke at Stallions & Galleons
Best of British - Winner
Ali Burke at Stallions & Galleons
Best of British - Runner-up
Alex Crook at Alex Crook Studio
Avant Garde - Winner
Koit at Koit Tattoo
Avant Garde - Runner-up
Lauren Roberts at True Colour Trinity
Black & Grey - Winner
Tomas at Eddy Tattoo
Black & Grey - Runner-up
Niewczas at Czas Tattoo
Realism - Winner
David Muyayo at Muyayo Tattoo
Realism - Runner-up
Butler at Vintage Inx
Best of Saturday & Best of Convention
Monika Boo at Stigma Studios
Best of Sunday
Gavin Hackett at Ruby Ink Tattoo