Butterluxe Tattoo Care

100% Natural! 100% Organic! It’s all you need!

Butterluxe is a brand new luxury butter packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, perfect for the tattoo healing process.

Specifically designed for use before, during and after a tattoo, Butterluxe is becoming increasingly popular with artists…

“Butterluxe hands down has the best consistency of any product on the market….I couldn’t be happier with the healed results” – Nick Imms of Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour, Birmingham

“I’ve had great results healing with it, as well as using it during the full process of tattooing” –  Mark Bester, Marked For Life

Unlike other tattoo butters, Butterluxe is non-sticky and only lightly scented, and is available in 50ml, 150ml and 250ml sizes.  A little goes a long way! Butterluxe is also beneficial for healed tattoos, keeping skin nourished and preserving tattoo vibrancy.